Devin Carpenter

Devin Carpenter
Director - Northern California / Pacific Northwest

Devin's experience began in the bakery industry in 1989, working part time during the summers for his father. After High School and time in the Army, he did per diem work as a bakery technician in Northern California at Hazlewood Farms. Working as a bakery technician, he learned all aspects of baking and decorating.

In 1996, Devin joined FoodMaxx as a bakery manager. His experience as a bakery manager helped him understand the demands of In Store Bakeries. In 2000, Devin took this experience and went to work for H.C. Brill as a bakery technician. After a couple of years working as a technician he relocated to Oregon where he was the Territory Sales Manager for the Pacific Northwest.

Devin joined Le Grand in May 2008. He is responsible for service bakery and service deli for the Pacific Northwest. During the past five years, he has built many strong relationships with customers in the Northwest and looks forward to continuing these relationships with Le Grand.

Stephanie Molina

Stephanie Molina
Deli Category Manager
Account Executive
Southern California / Club Stores

Stephanie Molina joined the DPI Specialty Foods team in 2006. Over her ten years with the company she gained experience in many aspects of the food industry, starting her career as a telemarketer before moving on to the account executive team calling on several independent and chain accounts across the Southern California landscape. Most recently, she has been responsible for the bakery and service deli departments for Stater Brothers, Costco and Gelson’s Markets. In 2015, Stephanie received her American Cheese Society Cheese Professional certification. To date, there are only 740 individuals who have passed this exam. She joined Le Grand in the summer of 2017 responsible for a variety of accounts as well as heading up the deli division.

Stephanie is a driven and passionate employee who dedicates all of her efforts to maintaining customer satisfaction. Along the way, she enjoys the friendships and experiences that this industry has to offer. Stephanie and Ronny have their hands full in raising four beautiful, amazing boys that range in age from 5-14. There is never a dull moment as their free time is always spent outdoors at the beach, hiking, biking, boat trips and traveling.

Joan Lewis

Joan Lewis
Account Executive - Arizona

Joan Lewis has over 36 years of bakery industry experience, with both privately held as well as retail grocery stores.

Bakery life began as a cake decorator for a small Italian bakery where it was not uncommon to produce 30 to 40 wedding cakes a week. From there Joan branched out to the instore bakery as a cake decorator, bakery manager, and eventually a corporate trainer for several retailers.

She was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona so it only seems fitting that she has come to work with the family owned and operated Basha’s grocery stores, a local retailer for over thirty-five years to the Valley of the Sun.

A past student of Arizona State University, majoring in English has helped in many aspects of Joan’s daily work. Both oral and written communications are among her strong suites as well as building long term relationships with our principles, buyers and store level employees. Ms. Lewis brings a great deal of energy and passion to the job that she dearly loves. Joan works directly with the bakery buyers, assisting with daily administrative functions as well as program development, sales support and merchandising. She participates with company wide training as well as developing bakery programs and manuals.

Joan vigorously deals with her roles as both support to her principles as well as being in service to her retail accounts. She has always felt that follow through is key in getting the job done. The adage "Do what you say and say what you mean" is her daily goal. Joan enjoys meeting new people and being challenged. She looks at life with the eyes of a student, always broadening her scope and knowledge.

In her personal time Joan is passionate about raising and handling her four champion European basset hounds. She has a kennel in Chandler Arizona that is home to six bassets: Daisy, Zoey, Elvis, Elton, Ella and Elsa. She has a blog that she writes for her website Arizona Basset Bratt. She enjoys her dear friends and family which include grown daughter Kaitlyn, son Daniel and four year old grandson Daniel. Joan still decorates cakes on the side for special events and weddings while trying to keep current with the latest trends in desserts. Joan is an avid reader and volunteers with local animal rescues and does PR for their charitable events.

Marissa Walter

Marissa Weller
Account Executive - Northern California

Marissa Weller’s experience in the baking industry started back in 1996 in high school. She was involved in ROP Bakery where she interned at an Albertson’s store. After graduating, Marissa started as a in-store cake decorator. She worked her way through college as decorator, baker and eventually bakery manager. She earned her degree in 2004 in Family and Consumer Sciences.

After graduating Marissa left retail and went to work for a bakery broker in the Northern California market. She started as a bakery technician where she learned all aspects of the in-store bakery. In 2007 Marissa was promoted and became a sales executive to the independent markets. Her primary focus was working the accounts service through Unified Grocers and Tony’s Fine Foods. In addition, Marissa played a key roll in product design and development through the Raley’s production bakery as well as program development through their in-store bakery.

In 2017 Marissa decided to venture briefly into the manufacturing world and became the national sales manager for Bakery Bling. Realizing that her real passion was back in Northern California, Marissa joined Le Grand Marketing in January 2018 as a territory account executive. Her primary responsibly is service bakery and deli accounts. During her 13 years in the brokerage business she has developed many strong relationships and is excited to continue working with her customers and furthering relationships at Le Grand.

Noah Draper

Noah Draper
Field Merchandiser/Sales – Southern California

A southern California Native, Noah Draper has been around Le Grand Marketing for his entire life. The son of Geoff and Bonnie, his first work experience was conducting weekly telemarketing in support of a Le Grand Marketing product line with one of our major retail accounts.

Noah has been a part of the merchandising team for the last two years, focusing on training and store support. His customer portfolio includes most of our Southern California retailers.

Noah lives in Brea and enjoys spending time with his daughter Bonnie.

Paul Lloyd

Paul Lloyd
Account Executive - Southern California

Paul joined Le Grand in 1996 and has built very strong relationships with our vendor partners, retailers and distributors. He has conducted a number of new product rollouts for SoCal retailers he is assigned to, produces individualizes service department product handling sheets and takes a leading roll in the planning, set up and execution of distributor shows, retailers holiday meetings and retailer grand openings.

Paul's chain account responsibility includes Superior Grocers, Northgate, Los Alto Ranch Markets, Super King, El Super, Buy Low, Vallarta, Northga Cardenas, Jons Marketplace, Big Saver, Super A and Smart&Final as well as a number of independents.

His distributor responsibilities are SuperValu, Dawn Foods, and BakeMark.

Paul’s Service deli/bakery work philosophy is simple: provide excellent on going support for our Vendor Partners and grow sales by introducing new and innovative ideas to retailers and distributors.

Steve Anvik

Steve Anvik
Account Executive - Northern California

Steve Anvik has been in the food industry for all of his working career. Starting as a courtesy clerk at King Sooper in Denver, he worked his way through High School and the University of Colorado-Denver there. From that he launched his own Foodservice start up venture; worked in Operations Supervision and self-manufacturing for 17 years with Supervalu; was a Broker Sales/Tech for CO Rich Products broker; moving into Category Management for Bakery/Deli/Specialty Cheese with Wild Oats Markets, Meijer Own Brand (Daymon), Save Mart, and Meijer Supercenters. Most recently Steve was at Acosta in NorCal.

Steve’s expertise covers all facets of the Fresh food space, including direct experience with Retail Ops, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Merchandising, Brand/Product Development, Own Brands, and Agency – for all retail channels including: Specialty, Mass, Tier One, and Value. In addition, is an SV-RBC associate, a Six-Sigma green belt (MCQI), scratch baker, cake decorator, and an amateur chef.

Steve’s direct account responsibilities include Safeway NorCal, ABSCO Own Brand, Tony’s Fine Foods (with several select end users), and Grocery Outlet. He focuses on all Clients for those customers, with special emphasis on strategic vision, clear focused communication, and delivering value to Customers via the on-going messaging of the manufacturer’s core strengths and values.

Originally from Montana, and having lived extensively in Colorado, Michigan, and now California also provides a window on the world of various Retailers, Manufacturers, and Regional marketplaces. He and his bride have two strong sons, two beautiful daughters, and two wonderful grandchildren. Hiking, golfing, and remodeling are Steve’s after-work passions.

Katie Lee

Katie Lee
Account Executive / Merchandiser - Washington

Katie Lee, a native Washington state resident, started her career working for Top Food and Drug in the bakery department. Katie was promoted to Assistant Bakery Manager as the as the bakery department transitioned from scratch to frozen. She quickly learned baking, cake decorating, ordering & inventory management of product.

In her spare time, Katie likes to listen to music, read books and comics, travel, bake and watch movies, especially anime.

Danielle Naug

Danielle Naug
Account Executive / Merchandiser - Oregon

Danielle Naug began her career in the grocery industry at the age of eighteen. In 1998 Kroger relocated her to the Portland area to pioneer the QFC experience as a deli manager and trainer. There Danielle helped opened four locations.

As she developed store level and managerial skills, Danielle wanted to learn how independent grocers did business. She changed lanes and went to worked for a small retailer in the Portland area. Danielle eventual became an ad committee member for the Thriftway / Unified Group.

Once she achieved her store level goals, Danielle was given the opportunity to move over to the sales side of the business with a regional food broker. This is where she has been for the last five years, recently moving over to the Le Grand pacific northwest division.

Her passion for food has taken Danielle on a 27 year journey. She loves to cook and Pinterest, trying new and fun methods for preparing dishes. Danielle is an avid animal lover and recently became a volunteer with a local shelter.